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A tasty and healthy alternative to Lamb, Chicken, Beef or Pork

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What the press say

Read these magazine excerpts to find out what journalists say about game.

Woman & Home, What’s in Season:
“Venison, more widely available now, is high in protein, but low in saturated fat – a flavoursome ingredient for a healthier diet.”

 Delicious Magazine, A-Z of the Noughties:
“V is for Venison. And other game meat, It’s healthy, sustainable and delicious, and sales have soared in recent years. The likes of pheasant, partridge, rabbit and hare are getting easier to find in supermarkets and farmer’s markets as Brits lose their squeamishness for the wild stuff.”

Men’s Health,  Muscle Meals:
“Venison is one of the leanest red meats and also has high creatine levels so your muscles will have all the fuel they need to enlarge.”

Sainsbury’s Magazine, Our Feathered Friends:
“Make the most of pheasant and partridge this month while they’re still in season. Game is naturally free range, low in fat and delicious. Game partners well with pears, apples, juniper, beetroot, prunes, peas, mushrooms , bacon and woody herbs.”

Waitrose kitchen, A Quick Guide to Venison:
“Burgers… not only the trendiest  burgers around – Heston serves them at the Hinds Head- venison burgers are also some of the healthiest, containing significantly less saturated fat than beef varieties”






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