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British Food

Author: Mark Hix

Publisher: Quadrille

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 978-1844002139


The first thing you notice about this paperback is that it’s chock full of close-up, mouth-watering food pictures, many across two pages, which makes this book a joy to flick through. But look at the recipes themselves and you will be spoilt for choice at suppertime, as Mark Hix, ex- chef director of The Ivy, Le Caprice and J.Sheekey - has put together a wonderful collection of over 120 mostly familiar, British dishes, brought up to date with a modern twist.

All of the favourites are there – Fish Pie, Irish Stew, Boiled Beef and Dumplings, and the chapters include soups, starters, snacks, poultry and game, vegetables and puddings, among others – all British of course!

The book has a nice range of game recipes, such as Guinea Fowl with Savoy Cabbage, Roast Pheasant Breast with Chestnut Stuffing, Roast Venison with Haggis and Neeps and Wild Rabbit in Cider. You will also find the traditional accompaniments, such as bread sauce, parsley and thyme stuffing and parsnips chips.

Refreshingly, none of the recipes are “cheffy”, and would be suitable for everyday suppers, as well as smart dinner party food. Extra game info comes in the form of a handy guide to roasting pheasant, grouse, snipe, partridge, wood pigeon and mallard, and a seasonal availability of game birds chart.

Hix’s passion for British food is well reflected in his introduction and guide to buying ingredients, where he champions local and wild ingredients and his enthusiasm for food heritage really comes through.

We would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys comfort food, a taste from childhood… basically unfussy British grub that your grandfather would call “proper food”.

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