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Game The Cookbook

Author: Trish Hilferty & Tom Norrington-Davies

Photographs: Jason Lowe

Publisher: Absolute Press

Price: £25.00

ISBN-13: 978-1906650100


A beautiful hard-backed book, aimed at demystifying the preparation and cooking of game in all forms - furred, feathered and fish. The authors have gone into considerable depth on what defines game, taste descriptions, where to buy, plus excellent detailed notes on each game type and how to prepare them.


The 150 or so recipes are grouped into three main chapters – two legs, four legs and no legs, and cover a vast choice from the traditional classic roasts, pies and stews to more up-to-date dishes such as wild duck stir fry, venison osso bucco and wild boar vindaloo. Not to mention a few for the more adventurous cook e.g. confited pheasant with fennel and satsuma and the delicious-sounding venison bresaola. However all instructions are clear and written in an appealing, friendly style, with plenty of expert tips along the way.

There is also a selection of recipes for suitable accompaniments - stocks, gravies and stuffings, as well as a handy guide to storing and freezing game, seasonal meal planners and list of game suppliers. And packed with stunning food images in a rustic, yet modern style by an award-winning photographer, it is a joy to look at.

This book reinforces that game can be affordable, is readily available and easy to cook, and we think it would be perfectly at home in both a novice’s and a game enthusiast’s kitchen. A brilliant game bible.

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