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Good Game

Author: Victoria Jardine-Paterson and Colin McKelvie

Publisher: Quiller Imprint

Price: £16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1904057109


A fantastic 216 page guide to game cookery targeting everyone that loves game the sportsman, the cook, the 'foodie' and the wine lover. The guide has been put together by cookery writer Vicky Jardine-Paterson and sportsman and wine-lover Colin McKelvie. Each game species is introduced with a map showing its distribution, common names in the different countries of Europe and an account of its natural history.

This is then followed by a large and varied selection of recipes from the simple to the sophisticated, from venison and wild boar to salmon, trout and pike, and from pheasant and grouse to quail and plover starters and pates, casseroles and roasts, savouries and soufflés.

Sections is rounded off with some appropriate wine suggestions with hints on keeping and serving good wines.

An excellent all round book that can be purchased via or email: [email protected]

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