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Loose Birds & Game

Author: Andrew Pern

Photographs: by Drew Gardner

Price: £39.99

Published by: Face

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Tel: 0113 203 7378


This is Yorkshire chef Andrew Pern's second book – a hefty 360 page, hard-back volume on game, poultry and fish. Pern is chef-owner of the pub The Star Inn, Harome, and has held a Michelin star since 2002 with his wife Jacquie running front-of-house.


If you have not had the privilege of eating in his acclaimed establishment this book will give you a taster, providing insight into Pern's talent and creativity with mouth-watering ingredients from the British countryside. The wonderful food images jump off the page, and the book's decadent silk cover echoes the quality of the recipes.

In addition to 65 original recipes, a foreword by Michel Roux and an introduction by Brian Turner, there are beautifully written snippets on the inspiration behind the recipes and of the author's passion for British produce. As you would expect from the title, chapters include partridge, deer, pigeon & squab, grouse, pheasant, rabbit & hare, plus there's a helpful season chart and wine tasting notes by Andrew Firth.

A mixture of simple and complicated recipes makes this a joy to read for the home cook – something to aspire to but not impossible to achieve at home. A suppliers list (mostly from around the Yorkshire area) makes shopping for top quality ingredients easier.

Game-to-Eat highly recommend this book to really keen home cooks and professional chefs with a love for exciting British Food. The premium price tag may mean you have to add it to your birthday wish list – but it would make a stunning addition to any foodie's recipe book collection.

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