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The Game Cook

Author: Norman Tebbit

Publisher: J.R. Books

Price: £14.99

ISBN-13: 978-1906779115


Lord Tebbit took over as the cook in the house after his wife Margaret was injured in the Brighton bombing. It has become his passion, and cooking game his speciality. In The Game Cook, he showcases his favourite game recipes featuring pheasant, partridge, duck, grouse, woodpigeon, woodcock, deer, rabbit, hare and more.


Whether the recipe is a relatively simple dish or a more challenging creation, Lord Tebbit’s easy-to-follow style with guarantee consistent results. The book also includes a coincide guide to game, advice on kitchen equipment, handy conversion charts and individual hints on the various game included.

The Game Cook is a mouth-watering treat for both traditional food-lovers and those who are looking for some money-saving ways to provide tasty, wholesome and ‘organic’ dishes for their family.

Written with humour and a practical approach, there is, as you would expect, nothing bland in this book, making it a mouth-watering morsel for those who love food, care about where their food comes from and who are looking for tasty, wholesome game dishes.

The Rt.Hon Lord Norman Tebbit is a former MP for Chingford and was a senior minister in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet.

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