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The Game Cookbook

Author: Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Johnny Scott

Publisher: Kyle Cathie

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 978-1856265294


A landmark cookbook, combining both classic and contemporary recipes together with detailed information on the history, choosing and preparation of game. Lean and low in cholesterol, game is tasty and game is varied. From the commonly found pheasant and rabbit to the less-often-seen woodcock or wild board on the one hand, and the game fish – salmon and sewin, pike and carp – on the other, here is the wealth of what’s good to eat from the wild.


The Game Cookbook draws any food enthusiast into the kitchen. Anecdotes and information from Johnny Scott about the history and habitat of game, with explanations of their significant role in the conservation of other wildlife species and of how they have evolved through the ages, make fascinating reading and demystify the world of preparing and cooking game. With recipes such as the classic and flavourful Quail Thessalia or delicate Potted Grouse to the more exotic Caribou Pot Roast or Wild Boar with Sour Plums or Sea Trout with Swiss Chard and Walnuts, you will be inspired by Clarissa Dickson Wright’s flair and guidance time and again from this book.

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