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A tasty and healthy alternative to Lamb, Chicken, Beef or Pork

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A Feast of Game Cookery Day
This course is dedicated to the art of game butchery, preparation and 
cooking. Fresh, wild produce and meat is healthy and environmentally 
friendly and it offers amazing value for money. When game is cooked 
correctly, it is superior in taste to almost all mass-produced, farmed meat.

The specific skills that may be taught on this game cookery course
(depending on seasonal produce available) are:-
- Plucking and spatchcocking a pheasant
- Plucking and ballontine a partridge
- Butchering and confit rabbit preparation
- Slow cooking venison

As with all our courses, we will also cover:-
- Knife handling skills and chopping techniques
- Food preparation techniques using all prepared ingredients
- The creation of up to five different dishes throughout the day
- Food seasoning with natural flavours and ingredients
- Dish presentation techniques






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