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A tasty and healthy alternative to Lamb, Chicken, Beef or Pork

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List of Game to Eat Recipes:

Venison Liver Pate

This dish is called 'making the most of your quarry' and was my first attempt at the offal. It was fantastic and I will definitely be doing it again.

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The Finished Partridge

Roast Lemon and Garlic Partridge

Quick and easy roast partridge dish, with distinctive and different flavours, with the added enjoyment of eating far too much garlic.

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Partridge Jambalaya

A real one wok wonder and the tastiest stodge you will ever have.

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Pigeon Fajitas

Pigeon Fajitas

I bagged a couple of pigeons on beater's day and knew exactly what I was going to do with them. Simple and quick recipe which gives chicken a run for its money. 

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Jerk Pheasant

This recipe creation is taken straight from a chicken recipe, with a few tasty additions. Giving further proof that the majority of chicken recipes can be replicated for pheasant ones. The jerk pheasant worked like a treat, with the strong flavours of the meat going well with the rum and chilli of the jerk. 

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Partridge Carbonara

A simple pasta dish 'gamed up'. The sauce really compliments the game and turns it into a fun little dish that takes all of 20 minutes.

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Toad in the Hole

Venison/Pheasant Toad in the Hole

An unbelievably easy meal to cook and one that is loved by nearly everyone. I have always wanted to try some pheasant sausages, and they were well worth the wait. 

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BBQ Spatchcock Grouse

Bored of the same old roast grouse? Well why not try something new and exciting - this recipe will completely change your views on grouse!

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Partridge Confit

Brilliant use of the legs which can often be over cooked when roasting these tasty little birds. The longer you take over this recipe the better it becomes.

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Pigeon Kievs

Although this is quite a tricky recipe for those with less delicate fingers, it is well worth the effort and the mess... Tasty, fun and you can get away calling them chicken for anyone who stupidly thinks they do not like game!

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Roast Mallard

The taste of these beautiful wild mallards far out weigh those that are farmed. Never have I seen such empty carcasses after cooking them up for my friends. 

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Beer-Can Partridge

The idea here stems from the infamous 'beer can chicken' style of cooking usually reserved for the BBQ. But the thought was if you can do it with a chicken you can do it with a game bird. 

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