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Kate Kilgour’s Excellent Recipe for Old Grouse

Kate Kilgour’s Excellent Recipe for Old Grouse

Young grouse have flexible beaks and claws – you’ll know if you have an old one if these are hard and unyielding and if nails are missing from the claws. This is great dish for eating up the less tender old grouse. Kate says: “My granny came from Cotherstone and this recipe was a regular on her table.  She didn't believe in measuring anything and often substituted items for what was in the larder!” 



Brace of ‘old’ grouse trussed
3-4 oz butter
1 onion
4oz chestnut mushrooms
1- 2 stick of celery - diced
2 carrots or half a small turnip diced
2 – 3 tablespoons of whisky
10floz of chicken stock
1 tablespoon of redcurrant or rowan jelly


Put oven on at gas mark 4 or 180 °C
Heat the butter and brown grouse all over
Remove from pan and set aside
Add chopped and diced vegetables to remaining butter and cook until softened but not browned
Return grouse to pan and add whisky
Flame the spirit and when the flames have disappeared add the chicken stock
Bring up to heat and simmer for about 1 and quarter hours
When cooked remove grouse and using knife/shears cut each bird in half and set aside but keep hot
Strain the liquid into a saucepan and boil - as it thickens add rowan jelly and let it dissolve and then spoon over grouse and strained vegetables 

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All images courtesy of Arnold.Thompson, Lawyers to the Countryside.







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