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Introduction to Feathered Game

Feathered game is the simplified name for all game birds. They come in various shapes and sizes and all bring to the table completely different and new tastes. Through the use of recipes we provide, feathered game can produced hundreds of courses, and can really compete against the monopolising giant that is chicken.

List of Feathered Game:


The pheasant is the most plentiful of Britain's game species and the best known.  Oven-ready pheasants can be bought from game dealers, butchers or supermarkets and are available fresh from October to February, or frozen when out of season. 

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Oven Ready Partridge


Partridge have a subtle flavour and, in the case of young birds, are best served simply roasted, pan-fried of grilled. There are two species in Britain - the native grey, often called the English, and the French or red-legged.  

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Oven Ready Grouse


All year round, and much sought after by top chefs and gourmets around the world, the red grouse is a completely wild bird unique to Britain. Living exclusively on the heather moorlands of the UK, each bird can usually be traced back to the very Estate where it fledged and matured. Very fast on the wing, reaching speeds of up to 80 mph, it is also agile creating very lean dark brown meat bursting with flavour. 

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Oven Ready Duck

Duck & Goose

The majority of duck and all the geese found in the supermarkets are farmed reared. However getting your hands on wild duck and geese is more than worth it, with the taste being completely different. 

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Oven ready Woodcock from Allens of Mayfair


The woodcock is a wader, enjoying wet and marshy land, in particular in Wales. They are migrating birds flying from the UK all the way to Siberia in Russia, following the Winter. 

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Cooked Snipe


The snipe is a wading bird, similar in ecology and habitat to the woodcock, although it is smaller in size. Their flight pattern is erratic to say the least giving them a sporting chance of evading even the sharpest of shooters. It is a truly wild bird and you will discover that in the taste of them. 

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