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Introduction to Fur Game

Ground game is known as furred game and it brings a great deal to the food table. To begin with there is venison which you can produce beautiful joints, as well as sausages, burgers and great steaks. Then there is rabbit and hare which produces a number of wonderful meals but are a bit more restricted on the recipe front. Finally there is the squirrel, seen by most as a fun and experimental dish, however still just as tasty.

List of Fur Game:

Oven Ready Venison


´╗┐Venison is virtually fat-free and has a wonderful flavour that lends itself to a variety of cooking methods.  It can be treated in much the same way as beef - with the haunch or saddle best for roasting, and steaks and chops fried or barbecued.  

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Oven Ready Rabbit

Wild Rabbit

 Rabbit is widely available throughout the year and has no close season.  The meat is very low in fat and can be used in a wide variety of recipes and is especially good when casseroled.  Younger rabbits, aged between three and four months, make the best eating. 

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Oven Ready Hare


Hare is similar to rabbit, however the taste is stronger and so you might like to hang it for a little bit longer to make it more tender. However each to their own. It is larger than the rabbit and so can feed more people, one hare for about 5 people. 

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Best eaten in late Summer after the squirrels have feasted on all the berries and nuts in the wild. Their meat is incredible lean, but with a slow cooking technique the taste is one of a kind. 

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