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A tasty and healthy alternative to Lamb, Chicken, Beef or Pork

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Game-to-Eat’s Guide to Game

Game, whether pheasant, partridge, venison or rabbit, is a great versatile meat. It is a healthy alternative to many other red meats, tastes wonderful and is easy to cook. Click on the sections below for further detailed information. 


Why is fresh game only available at certain times?
Hints and tips on tenderising meat
Where to buy
Frozen game
Cooking game
Cooking hints and tips
Five reasons to eat game

Guide to game:

Hints and tips on tenderising meat before cooking

For older meat or less tender cuts there are ways to help make it more tender: Acidic marinades such as lemon juice, wine or wine vinegar help to tenderise meat. The meat may be soaked in the marinade for several hours or days in the chiller. The use of a tenderising marinade is more effective on thinner cuts of meat.

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Where to Buy

Game is now more ready available than ever before and wherever you live there should be one of the following options within reasonable access:  

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Wild British game meat have a common “gamey” flavour note which is achieved predominantly though the diet – a mixed, free range diet of natural grasses, insects, berries and grains will result in a much more developed flavour than a diet of just grass or grain. Therefore many of the wild foods are more strongly flavoured and “gamier”. Wild birds and animals also naturally exercise lots, which results in lean muscle and a denser textured meat which is a common characteristic of game. 

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Frozen Game

Fresh wild game can only be bought in season but it can be bought frozen at any time.  Don't avoid frozen game - stocking up your freezer with game during the season is a wonderful way of enjoying game out of season.  It can be frozen for up to 9 months if wrapped very well in a freezer bag - try to extract as much air as possible. Always defrost game slowly at room temperature or in a fridge.

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Cooking Game

In general, young birds bought before Christmas are more tender than older ones, and are best roasted or grilled.  Older birds are better cooked slowly such as casseroling or braising.

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Five reasons to eat game…

1. Game is wild, natural and free-range. Your butcher should be able to tell you the provenance, so don’t be afraid to ask which estate it has come from. It could be very local to your area. 

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Why is fresh game only available at certain times?

There are certain times during the year when fresh game is not available called the Closed Season. Certain species of game in certain locations cannot be taken during this time to allow the numbers to be kept up. However, because there are so many different species of deer, you will find fresh venison is available most of the year. 

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