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Game-to-Eat's latest catering college success

On 6th November 2013 the Countryside Alliance's Game-to-Eat Chef, Lee Maycock, delivered a game preparation and cooking course to 3rd year students at Beford College. It involved all the aspects of game, from species recognition and ecology through to recipe ideas and serving.   

The students' Hospitality Course Manager, Andrea Ruff, tweeted enthusiastically during the six hour course, calling the event " a great day for our students" and praising Lee's "fab butchery skills" as he butchered a roe deer and explained the different cuts and methods of cooking.

Lee delivers 12 of these demonstrations, around the country, every year. Knowing full well that to secure game's place on the British menu, the next generation of Chefs need to have confidence and enjoyment in it.  






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