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Great British Game Week returns for a fourth year


All that is great about game meat will be celebrated across the UK when Great British Game Week returns for its fourth year next month.


BASC’s Taste of Game and the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat, supported by the Moorland Association, will promote wild game between 20th November to 26th November.

Great British Game Week highlights all that is fantastic about game meat with a range of events including dinners, the promotion of game menus and special offers.


Jack Knott, Game to Eat campaign manager, said: “The Game to Eat campaign is delighted to once again co-host this popular week-long celebration of wild game meat. We ask that all supporters of wild game make the most of the week and use it as an opportunity to promote it to those not yet fortunate enough to experience it.”

Taste of Game’s Annette Woolcock said: “Game meat is wild, healthy, high in protein and delicious. It can be easily found in all good butchers, game dealers and some supermarkets.

“We welcome and encourage businesses to get involved and to give their support to the week-long campaign. Businesses can download a poster to promote the week and join us on social media.”

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