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Gregg Wallace is Game-to-Eat!

 Game-to-Eat is delighted to be working with MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace this season. Gregg only tried game for the first time in 1990 when he dined at Rules Restaurant and opted for a pheasant dish. He is now a convert and eats it regularly throughout the season.  

The Game-to-Eat campaign, which has been promoting game for a decade and seen its popularity soar, has recently sent out newsletters and promotional materials to over 10,000 butchers and retailers to help them promote game and attract new customers this season.

Wallace says: “Game meat has a delicious rich grown-up taste. My favourite has to be partridge and I regularly cook a fantastic recipe given to me by Michel Roux Jnr, but game is a delicious wild, nutritious meat that can be used in anything from curries, stir fries, casseroles and pies. As a fruit & veg man, I enjoy root vegetables – turnips and beetroots – alongside my game dishes, with a large glass of very good red wine of course – delicious!”

So take a leaf out of Gregg’s book this season and try something different using game.

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