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National BBQ Week (27th May – 2nd June) – Cooking Up a Change

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 The UK holds over 120 million BBQs a year, we are officially the European BBQing champions. However there is always one reoccurrence that happens every time the sun and the grill come out; the same tedious meat.


Here at the Game-to-Eat campaign we think the 17th National BBQ Week should involve a new and exciting challenge such as game. On the BBQ this week there should be pheasant instead of chicken, and venison instead of beef. It has never been easier to get your hands on some pheasant in the off season (see for help) and the majority of supermarkets sell varying types of venison year round.


Game can be brought in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for the BBQ. Whether it is game sausages, burgers, steaks, or a whole bird they all bring new flavours and textures to the grill. With these original tastes can come the new marinades and cooking techniques that, no matter the weather, will make your day.


One new and highly promising technique, we can not stop thinking about, is the beer-can pheasant (courtesy of the


Ingredients: 1 empty slim can and enough beer to fill half the can

1 whole, plucked and gutted, pheasant

Olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper

beer can pheasant


Directions: Rub the olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper into the skin of the pheasant. Fill the can with beer half way and place inside the pheasant’s cavity. Using the can and the two legs of the pheasant stand it upright on the coolest section of the grill. Cover the BBQ and leave it for 40 minutes. When the time is up make sure that the juices of the pheasant run clear and then leave to cool for ten minutes.



Results: Pheasant has never tasted better.



Further ideas can be found on the Game-to-Eat recipe pages:


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We hope this National BBQ Week you challenge yourself and reap the rewards of beautiful tasting game in the company of some good friends.


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