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New grouse recipe leaflet launched ahead of the Glorious 12th

The Countryside Alliance's dedicated game promotion campaign, Game-to-Eat, has launched a new grouse recipe leaflet ahead of the Glorious 12th. The leaflet features grouse recipes donated by some of the country's top game chefs including Tom Kitchin, Mark Hix, our development chef Lee Maycock and new trailblazing game outfits including Eat Wild and John Doe. Try grilled spatchcock grouse, smoked grouse crostini, grouse pate or a beer-can grouse with BBQ sauce. Order your copy now from [email protected] or download it here. 


The foreword to the leaflet reads:

Grouse shooting is at the heart of the British uplands and it is of enormous economic, social and environmental importance. For many, however, the favourite part of a day’s shooting is the quarry, and of all our feathered game grouse are widely considered to be the king.

Red grouse are a totally wild game bird unique to Britain, and they are restricted by the distribution of heather moorland that is managed for shooting. With the darkest meat of all game birds, and a distinctive flavour, this recipe booklet contains a collection of recipes that have been provided specially for Game to Eat by some of our top chefs. It is our firm belief that red grouse can and should be enjoyed by as many people as possible – and no other recipe booklet before has shown so many different and innovative ways in which to do so.

From the ever popular classic roast grouse that is featured by Tom Kitchin, to the more unusual grouse kebab or fried grouse legs, this booklet shows you how to enjoy, learn and experience more ways to cook red grouse than ever before. It shows just how adaptable, fun, and easy it is to cook when compared with many other meats, and why it should be up there with the best that this Country has to offer. We hope you enjoy trying the recipes, and will publicise the booklet to your friends so that together we can achieve the demand and appreciation for red grouse that it so rightly deserves, both in our homes and in our restaurants.

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