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Not Just Any Wild Grouse

Marks and Spencer has become the first supermarket to sell red grouse and at £10 a bird it is not at a bad price. The grouse will initially be available at two of their flag-ship shops, Marble Arch and Kensington High Street, in London. If all goes to plan and sales are high the grouse will be rolled out to their regional stores throughout the season. 

The idea was initiated by the head of meat at M&S, Tom Harvey, who said: ‘Our customers are telling us they are keen to try more game as an alternative to traditional everyday meats’. Wild red grouse was the idea Tom came up with.

On the 12th Tom went out on to the moor with Adrian Blackmore, of the Countryside Alliance, Richard Townsend, of the Yorkshire Game (who are providing the grouse to M&S), and The Times journalist, so he could gain a better understanding of the grouse that he would be selling the next day.

From The Times piece on the 13th, news has spread of this spectacular deal to a number of other newspapers. Resulting in wide spread coverage but most importantly huge sales for M&S. So far so good, both on the 13th and 14th grouse have sold out, with M&S doubling their order from Yorkshire Game after both days.


It is an interesting conundrum in the eyes of Game to Eat. Supermarkets are generally perceived as the main corporate enemy, who do not care about traceability or sustainability when it comes to meat. Supermarket’s cheap meat has driven business away from butchers and local shops, reducing community spirit et al. Yet here we have a supermarket that is attempting to change its appearance and although it is just the start, it seems to be working.





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