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Partridge Confit

A while ago a friend told me a great way to preserve game birds legs was to confit them. You could collect them slowly, putting them all together, until you have enough to feed the hungry. Using this process meant they would also keep much longer.  



Well, I was given 8 partridge the other day and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give it a go. It turned out to be more than worth it




Looking into the numerous methods of confiting it seemed to be more confusing than any other cooking procedure I have seen before. Not just for the amount of time it takes but the number of different ways to do it. I decided it best to ask a friend who knew what to do, we decided it was probably for the best we confit them and eat them straight away.




Step 1: Dry the legs by covering in healthy dollop of salt and mixed herbs, leave in the fridge for a good 10 hours. I did this in the morning ready for an evening of cooking.


2: Wash the salt and herbs off in water and tap the legs dry using paper towel.


3. Completely cover the legs in oil, one that is not to strong or overpowering – I used walnut oil. Chuck in a few chillies to improve flavour.



4. The oven needs to be at about 90oC, you want the oil to be just below a simmer, so keep an eye on it. Keep it in their as long as you can possibly wait for… I was told three hours, I managed only to two and a half; hunger got the best of me.


5. To finish, quickly fry them in a hot pan for no more than a minute on both sides, just enough to brown the legs and make them look awe-inspiring.




It turned out to be a simple procedure, needing a little bit of care and attention. The process transformed the partridge legs into succulent deliciousness, keeping the same beautiful taste.



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