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Success of Shot for the Pot

The inaugural Shot for the Pot event has just finished and the success was truly over-whelming. With the help of social media and the majority of the shooting magazines the word got around and the amount of participation that occured was incredible.  


The week went extremely quickly and even the office celebrated with a venison casserole dish washed down with some wine in the board room.


We had hundreds emails, tweets and messages throughout the week showing not only people’s recipe creations but also queries about preparing and cooking wild game. We, as always, were more than happy to answer and help with all of them. Please do continue to email in, and we will try are level best to reply with a half decent answer.


The main aim of the week was to get as many people enjoying and eating game that have never experienced it before, opening up new market channels. In addition, we are trying to raise some funds to continue to send out our demonstration chef to catering colleges. He travels around the country teaching future chefs how to prepare and cook wild game. If you took part in the week and think this is a valuable cause please do click here and donate just a small amount of money.


It is still early in the game season and we have plenty more initiatives and ideas to come, so please stay tuned and don't stop eating game.








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