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Wood Pigeon: Delicious Delicacy or Rats with Wings

A generation or two ago woodpigeon were in high fashion and were accepted as one of the finest foods in Britain. These days they can only be found on the menus of the classiest and usually priciest of restaurants and gastro pubs. We believe this is down to a number of misconceptions surrounding this bird. 



The majority of people seeing pigeon on the menu will see it in the same light as the feral pigeons found neighbouring their feet in the cities and towns, and instead will choose what they know to be a safe option from the menu.


However, the feral pigeon’s plump and jovial cousin, the wood pigeon, has the privilege of feeding on the finest seeds and berries in the countryside, instead of discarded chips and kebabs in gutters.


The change in agricultural practices, in particular an increase in oil seed rape, means the wood pigeon has a successful and varied diet year round, the opposite of chickens and other farmed birds.


Agricultural changes, recent mild winters and decreasing demand has meant the wood pigeon has doubled in numbers over the past 25 years, and is increasing quicker than ever. This in turn has led to farmers screaming and shouting about the damage done by pigeons. We at Game-to-Eat truly believe it is time for the wood pigeon to come back to the kitchen table; for they are both delicious and highly competitive in price.


Below are a few recipes for those interested in trying and if you are looking for a local source click here to search:


 - Wood Pigeon Salad


 - Spatchcook pigeon with Bruschetta


 - Tandoori breast of Pigeon


NB. When eating this bird, take stock of how this is one of very meats which is truly free-range, local and sustainable.


We are on the search for some new and exciting pigeon recipes, if you have any of particular interest and want your name up on the website send them, with a picture, to [email protected] .












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