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Finger Lickin’ Pheasant

A fish & chip shop owner from Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk has added an unusual seasonal special to his menu to encourage more visitors to his shop this winter.
Marcus French, 52, of French’s Fish & Chips  is now selling pheasant ‘goujons’ and chips at £5 a portion. The strips of fresh pheasant breast are flash-fried in palm oil for just two minutes to ensure the meat is not overdone, making it the ultimate fast food with less fat than chicken. Sales of the goujons are going well with about 30 portions being sold a week. 
Marcus, whose shop has been in the family for four generations, came up with the innovative idea with Arthur Howell, a third generation butcher, who wanted to find a good use for the pheasants he was purchasing from nearby estates, including Holkham.  
Marcus said: “We experimented a couple of ways of cooking with different batters and breadcrumbs plus the cooking times and felt the 2-2 ½ mins is spot on. We found that pheasant can be cooked quickly and easily and tastes delicious.  It is also one of the healthiest meats around, and as it is flash fried, without skin, it remains low in fat.”
Mr Howell added: “We thought pheasant would work well and it is the right price to be sold in the fish & chip shop.  For anyone who is unsure about game, pheasant is a great introduction as it does not have a strong flavour.
“As a butcher, we are seeing game selling particularly well this season, in fact it is probably one of the best we have had.  Being innovative is key which is why the Pheasant Goujons have worked so well.”
The pair has achieved amazing coverage of their pheasant goujons including Daily Telegraph, Independent, Sunday Times, Daily Star plus Radio Norfolk and BBC Scotland.   What is next for the duo?  Well they are already planning for next season and haven’t discounted using an alternative game meat.

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