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Game sets the tone at Nokia

This week staff at Nokia's HQ in Farnborough enjoyed a week long game promotion courtesy of Game-to-Eat.  
Nokia’s chef, who works for contract caterer Sodexo, had attended a Game-to-Eat workshop a couple of years ago and as a result is extremely keen on game meat.   Nokia invited its meat suppliers Allens of Mayfair and Game-to-Eat to put together a game and game literature display in the staff restaurant to support the promotion.  
Hot tasters of venison loin and partridge were available for tasting from the display.  On Tuesday Wild Rabbit with couscous and lemon sold out – 30 meals in total at £4.50 per portion.  This was a Valentine Warner recipe from our Game-to-Eat recipe booklet and yesterday the game meals were Roasted Partridge with wild mushrooms, mashed parsnip and thyme butter, Venison Loin with poached pear, celeriac puree and chocolate jus selling at £4.30 and Gourmet Venison Burger & Chips at £3.10. During the lunchtime period about 100 people sampled tastings from the display.   
Game-to-Eat Director Alexia Robinson commented: “It just takes one person to feel inspired about game and the ripple effect means many more people can try it and enjoy it. Our recipes and workshops make it so easy for those working in catering to spread the word, and it is heartening to see that the employees at Nokia have reacted so enthusiastically to game.”
And there is more good news for Game-to-Eat...we are now working with Restaurant Associates who do the catering at Morgan Stanley to organise a game workshop for their chefs on November 11th at the Morgan Stanley site in the City.  So hopefully we will be putting game in the menu for Morgan Stanley staff too!

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